Truth Revealed About Human Growth Hormone

Have you been to Instagram?

Instagram is a social network platform, an online photo and video sharing that relies heavily on graphics and short videos. If you’ve been scanning your feed, you might notice how people are taking much pride in their appearance. It is a fact that there are more people now taking care of their bodies. Working their ass out training to look well and feel good. Bodybuilding is now extremely popular especially in this platform. People flexing their gains and routines which is very inspiring and might gain you more followers.

However, not really all people are natural bodybuilders, or what we call “natty”. There are those who use anabolic steroids for sale and/or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to develop their physical and enhance athletic performance.

Today, we will be looking at HGH and its difference from steroids for sale and which of it would you prefer. Find out the kinds of HGH and the process of building muscle while losing fat and getting in better shape.

Human Growth Hormone

This is produced naturally by the body and has a number of anabolic properties. It is secreted by the brain through pituitary gland. As stated on its name, it plays a key role in a physiological processes relating to growth and development.

It is secreted into the bloodstream making its way to the liver where it helps increase the concentrations of other helping hormones in the body like testosterone.

This is why this hormone is stacked with steroids for sale such as testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate.

HGH provides other different benefits too. Though it is naturally produced by the body, it is also synthetically created in the laboratory. It is a peptide hormone consisting of 191 amino acids.

It regulates body composition, muscle and bone growth, body fluids, metabolism of sugar and fat and possibly heart function. Synthetic counterpart serves as an active ingredient in a number of drugs and other products. There are also common uses of this hormone that are not FDA-approved yet. People also uses this hormone together with a performance-enhancing drug such as anabolic steroids for sale. This is for the purpose of building muscle and improve athletic performance.

Injecting HGH helps people with deficiency in growth hormone to reduce body fat, improve bone density, build muscle mass and increase capacity in workouts. Because of these advantages, people use this synthetic hormone to enhance their athletic performance.

Some people also believe that it has anti-aging effects since natural levels of HGH decrease with age. It also naturally helps the production of testosterone. However, these claims don’t have enough scientific evidence and its potential side effects.


As mentioned above, it is naturally produced in the body, but this amount we naturally produce is not enough to provide noticeable changes in terms of physique, recovery, and performance. Injecting growth hormones with steroids for sale helps us provide the mentioned advantages.

Muscle Strength

If you have been training for quite some time now, you should easily be able to lift weight in the gym. There is nothing worse than seeing you struggle to lift weights. It is advised that one should follow a form of training that would really shock the muscles to gain new growth. This training is known as progressive overloading. The basic idea here is that you gradually lift slightly heavier weights on each training activity. You gradually overload muscles with heavier weights than they are used to lift. You cannot definitely gain if you are stuck with the same weights all over again. That is where HGH proves helpful. It is proven that taking this significantly increase strength by stimulating collagen synthesis in the skeletal and muscle system. This will allow you to lift more weights.

There is also no evidence yet available that could prove taking HGH will give women (with normal growth hormone levels) the bulky mass muscles. Though it may help losing fats and gain lean muscle, these depend on many characteristics of a woman.


Upon lifting weights in the gym, you are actually breaking down muscle tissue. That is why recovery should always be considered after every routine. The pain and discomfort you are feeling after a strenuous workout are caused by tissue break down. You need to take time for your muscles to recover and your body has to carry out these repairs. This process is called protein synthesis.

This is a natural process where your body naturally produces muscle proteins. These muscle proteins are used to repair or replace those muscles which were damaged and destroyed during the workout. The greater your recovery, the more muscles your body will build and the less soreness you will experience. Which makes you be back on the gym in no time! There has been a lot of studies already the proven HGH in enhancing protein synthesis and recovery. Which will make you recover quickly after a workout.

Injury Rehab

HGH is also used by athletes in recuperating from an injury. It could also be used for rehabilitation after surgery.  However, there are still a lot of growth factors, hormones and minerals responsible for tissue healing. HGH is one of them. HGH could speed up our rates of recovery, whether it is a torn muscle, pulled muscle and a broken bone. Quite amazing right?

What are the difference of HGH from Steroids for sale?

HGH and steroids for sale are totally different from each other though they are often used in conjunction with another. Steroids for sale alone can provide noticeable changes physically to the body and performance. While HGH, will not provide impressive changes if used alone. But using the two together, they perfectly compliment! This is the reason why so many people stacked steroids for sale with HGH when they want to gain size and strength.

If you want to gain mass and such power, using this alone is not for you. It should be used stacked with steroids for sale.

But, however, if you’ve been suffering an injury and are looking to get some rehabilitation before hitting back to the gym, and you want to become slightly stronger and a little bigger, HGH would work just fine.

Side Effects

The common side effects related to HGH usage are the following:

HGH Stomach

HGH stomach or also known as HGH gut is another downtime in using HGH in bodybuilding. Since HGH is associated with growth, it also causes major organs to grow in size. The organs in the abdomen swell up and push the lining of the stomach and abdomen which makes the woman look as if she is pregnant. However, this is a very rare case. Women use less HGH than men. But once it will be abused, and use too much of it, and HGH gut may possibly occur and that really doesn’t look nice.

High Cholesterol

The dangerous type of cholesterol responsible for the fatty deposits and build-up is known as LDL cholesterol. The fatty deposits are heavily linked to heart attacks, hypertension, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. The more you have LDL in your body, the more dangerous it will be.


Bloating and water retention is very popular among women. HGH causes extreme water retention.

Damaged Liver

HGH stimulates the production of IGF1 in the liver. The harder the liver has to work to produce this hormone and along with other functions it’s doing for your body, it cannot cope. Most of the people using this has the possibility of damaging their livers. One thing that we could recommend is to use milk thistle.


The typical dosages required for HGH is between 4 and 6IUs daily since it has such a short half-life.


HGH is different from steroids for sale but it is often used with anabolic steroids. As it is not a steroid then it won’t require post cycle therapy. However, since it is often stacked with anabolic steroids, then it will require a PCT. Clomid and Nolvadex are the commonly used drug during PCT. The duration of the PCT will be determined by your health care provider as it will depend on the steroid/s you are stacking it with.

Somatropin, a human growth hormone.

Somatropin is a form of human growth hormone essential for the growth of bones and muscles. It is also used to treat growth failure in children and those who lack natural growth hormone. Nooanan syndrome, Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome are just some few conditions resulting in short stature of people. This is also used for adults treating short bowel syndrome, or to prevent severe weight loss relate to immunity diseases like AIDS.

However, you should not use this if you have cancer or if you are being treated for Prader-Willi syndrome and if you are overweight or have breathing problems. Do not use somatropin if you have a serious illness due to lung failure or complications from surgery, injury or medical trauma.

In using somatropin, dose and frequency will depend on the condition you are treating. Abide in all directions of the doctor’s prescription and read all guides as instructed. It is injected into a muscle and your healthcare provider should teach you how to properly the drug by yourself. Do not use this if you don’t understand all the instructions for proper use. This is also true even in using steroids for sale.

Prepare your syringes and needles when you are ready to administer the medication. Do not shake the bottle and do not use it if the solution looks cloudy, has changed colors or has particles in it. If the medicine comes with a device like a syringe, cartridge or injection pen, then you use only that device.

If your doctor created a meal plan for you then follow it by no means to help control your condition.

Throw away this medicine or other steroids for sale after the expiration date has passed. Use your needle and syringe only once and abide by your local laws on how to dispose of these. It is very important to keep this out of the reach of your children and pets.

You may look at the different available steroids for sale HERE.

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