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Oxytocin 2mg

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Oxytocin 2mg

The hypothalamus produces a natural hormone, secreted by the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain called as Oxytocin. Known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone,”  triggered when individuals snuggle up or bond together.  Furthermore,  it causes contractions used in inducing labor, and it also strengthens contractions and control bleeding after childbirth. Moreover, it helps combat the effects of aging. A study presents oxytocin as the latest treatment target for age-related muscle wasting, or sarcopenia. Likewise, it helps reverse the effects of aging on our bodies. Lastly, it is indispensable for healthy muscle maintenance and repair.

If you buy peptides online, the common side effects include redness or irritation at the injection site, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and cramping. People who buy peptides also experience side effects like stomach pain, more intense or more frequent contractions, runny nose, sinus and memory problems

How To Use It?

The doctor administers this into a muscle or it can be given as an infusion into a vein. A healthcare provider will give you this injection. Do not buy peptides online especially if you are pregnant. Lastly, always remember that this medication needs a proper prescription from the health professional.

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